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Josh Holloway [Lost]

Better known for his role in “Lost” as Sawyer, Josh has shown considerable talent and the ability to keep people watching his projects, whether these are of TV or film. Enjoy.

Josh Holloway (I)


Date of Birth

20 July 1969, San Jose, California, USA


Birth Name

Josh Lee Holloway



6′ 1½” (1.87 m)



Yessica Kumala          (1 October 2004 – present) 1 child



Although born in California, his family moved to Georgia when he was a baby, and he still considers himself a “Blue Ridge Mountain boy.”

Had a successful career as a model until he got bitten by the acting bug and relocated to Los Angeles.

After going out of his way to lessen his Southern accent to get a wider variety of work, he had to pick it back up to play the shady “confidence man” Sawyer on the hit show “Lost” (2004).

Grew up in Free Home, Georgia.

His first job was picking up dead chickens at a farm.

He’s the second of four brothers.

While he says it looks “cool”, he admits to hating the long hair he has to wear as “Sawyer” on “Lost” (2004).

Chosen by “People” magazine as one of the 50 Most Beautiful People in the World. [2005]

At around 4:30am on Wednesday, October 13th 2005, he and his wife were robbed at gunpoint in their home in Oahu. The robber took cash and credit cards as well as stealing Holloway’s Mercedes-Benz that was later dumped not far from his home in Hawaii Kai, which is about 12 miles east of Honolulu. They were shaken but unharmed. An arrest was later made in the robbery.

He has been a movie-buff since the age of 3. His favorite film is The Shining (1980).

He is of Dutch and Scottish heritage.

Was offered the role of “Gambit” in Wolverine, Origins (2009)_ but turned it down, saying the role was too close to his “Lost” (2004) character.

Born on the same day that Apollo 11 astronauts Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin landed on the moon.

Has earned his real estate license. He said that prior to Lost, he had considered quitting acting; he earned his license to have something to fall back on.

Daughter, Java Kumala Holloway, born April 9, 2009.



Personal Quotes

“I was booking jobs once, maybe twice a year.” – On how unlucky he was when he first moved to L.A. to become an actor.

“When “Lost” (2004) took off, part of me thought, ‘Do I cut and run?’ I still like to look around, but respectfully and with no intentions. ‘Married, not buried’, I always say. If I were single? Damn, I’d have one girl doing my laundry, one shaving me, one bringing me a cocktail and another one coming out of my tent all hung over”.

Being Southern and being the guy I’ve been all my life, I’ve lived more on the lighter side of life. I have a dark side, but that’s not where I come from. A lot of artists like to come from that.

Fortunately and unfortunately, people don’t see me as a character actor. They see me as a leading man or nothing, which makes it really hard to get work.

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