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Enrique Iglesias [Singer]

Enrique has had quite a big success in way or another, either with his million selling Albums, or that he causes quite a stir for many women (and men, too), but for the vast majority of fans it is his music that this young Spanish man will be most noted for. Enjoy.

Enrique Iglesias (I)

Date of Birth

8 May 1975, Madrid, Spain

Birth Name

Enrique Miguel Iglesias Preysler






Super Nova


6′ 1½” (1.87 m)

Mini Biography

Enrique Preysler Iglesias was born in Madrid, Spain, to Julio Iglesias and Isabel Preysler. In 1979, his parents’ marriage was annulled. He was eight years old when he moved to the US, and at the age of 15, secretly began writing music. He studied business administration at Miami University for a year before he dropped out to pursue a music career. Five years later, on September 25, 1995, he released his first album. His second album, which was recorded in Spanish, was released on January 29th, 1997. More great albums followed: “Vivir”, “Cosas Del Amor”, “Enrique”, “Escape” and “Quizas” All together, Enrique has sold over 15 million albums worldwide!

Trade Mark

Known for the mole he had on his right cheek


Son of Julio Iglesias and Isabel Preysler.

The same writing team that wrote singer Cher’s “Believe” wrote his hit “Bailamos.”.

Considers himself a songwriter first, and singer second.

Younger brother of Julio Iglesias Jr. and Chabeli Iglesias.

Number #1 Spanish album: Quizas (Latin Billboard Charts)

Has five younger half siblings on his father’s side, Miguel, Rodrigo, twins Victoria & Christina and Guillermo. On his mother’s side he has two younger half-sisters, Tamara Falcó and Ana Boyer.

Appeared on the cover of the Spanish edition of ‘Rolling Stone’, December 15th, 2002.

Number #3 Spanish Song: “Para Que La Vida” (Latin Billboard Charts).

Number #1 song “Para Que La Vida” on Latin Billboard Music Charts.

Has had 16 number #1 songs.

Is the first Latin artist to have the most #1 singles on Latin Billboard Charts history.

Had a mole on his right cheek removed. [April 2003]

His song “Quizas” (“Maybe”) is about his dad, Julio Iglesias.

Quizas received a Latin Grammy nomination for Best Male Pop Vocal Album (2003).

“Be With You” received a Grammy nomination for Best Dance Recording (2001).

Decided to part with his trademark mole after a doctor told him it could become cancerous.

Won The Latin Grammy For “Best Male Pop Vocal Album” [September 3rd, 2003]

His new single, “Addicted,” is from his [new] 4th English album titled “7” Enrique’s album is due out November 25th, 2003.

Born in Madrid, Spain, but grew up in Miami, Florida.

His song “Addicted” debuted on Casey Kasem’s AT40 on November 16th, 2003 at #38.

Song “Addicted” is #37 on Casey Kasem’s AT40 [November 23rd, 2003]

His song “Addicted” only went up to #26 on Casey Kasem’s American Top 40.

Was Ryan Seacrest’s first musical guest on his new show “On-Air with Ryan Seacrest” (2004) on 12 January 2004.

Co-wrote Clay Aiken’s song “The Way”.

He is half Spaniard and half Filipino.

In Spanish, his song “Bailamos” means “we dance” and “Para Que La Vida” means “why there’s life”.

Was the executive producer on his albums, Escape, Quizas, and Seven.

Wrote all the songs on his Escape, Quizas and Seven albums.

When he was about 9 years old, his grandfather was kidnapped but later found safe and well.

Appeared on “On-air with Ryan Seacrest” on 19 May 2004. He was interviewed by a fan of the show named “Super Enrique Fan.” He was interviewed before his performance at the Wango Tango Concert held 15 May 2004. He sang “Addicted,” “Hero” and “Bailamos.”

At the Wango Tango Concert held 15 May 2004. He sang “Addicted,” “Hero” and “Bailamos.”

August 2004; chosen as a renowned songwriter to sit on the executive committee to choose the Maxell Song of the Year.

15 September 2004: In the 7th Annual In Style Magazine’s “What’s Hot Now” Poll, he almost beat out Clay Aiken for the title of Sexiest Singer.

Including both his English and Spanish albums, Enrique named his album “Seven” because it was his 7th album all together.

November 2004; Enrique will be on the board of advisory in the project “International Year of Microcredit.” The project offers small loans to business people in impoverished countries.

December 2004: His song “Not In Love” was voted #3 Best Dance Track/Song by Billboard Magazine for the year 2004.

2005; Presented the new Viceroy watch collection ‘Señas de Identidad’ at Munreco Building in Madrid, Spain.

Spokesman for the fragrance ‘Blue Star Men’ by Tommy Hilfiger. The fragrance line is set to launch Fall 2005 (Beyonce is the spokeswoman for ‘Blue Star Women’ by Tommy Hilfiger.) [2005]

Has two dogs; Grammy [Golden Retriever] and Lucas [German Shepherd]

His on-screen debut in Once Upon a Time in Mexico (2003) was the last footage of him with his trademark mole.

Ranked #44 on VH1’s 100 Sexiest Artists.

Has one nephew Alejandro, from his sister Chabeli.

Personal Quotes

“If you’re buying an album because of the face on it, you’re stupid.”

“I don’t consider myself a sex symbol.”

“I know it sounds corny, but when you follow your dreams, it happens. And if it’s music, take it seriously.”

“I don’t care what people say. My music’s, my music.”

“The power of music in Spanish is so strong, that I couldn’t stay away from it any longer”

“Touring is my favourite thing to do! I love the adrenaline I feel when I’m on stage and the energy I get from my fans.”

“We grow from experience. My music is always changing and in constant evolution. My first album is completely different to the last album. I just follow my own taste on music.”

“I like being underestimated. That’s what pushes me, drives me to make a great album. I keep having to prove myself. This [music/song writing] is the only thing I know how to do, the only thing I really love.”

“What won’t change is always striving for that great song and that great album. That’s the challenge, that’s the fun, and that’s what will always drive me.”

“The song “Hero” is a very deep and personal song. All my songs I write come from something that’s happened to me, in my life or someone I’ve met. But, I’ll never tell what they are about. It’s a secret.”

“At the end of the day a great melody is great – but the lyrics are what make a song timeless.”

“Creating a fragrance will be an exciting way to reach new fans while connecting with those people who already enjoy my music. I have always admired Tommy Hilfiger and am very excited about this new venture with Tommy Hilfiger Toiletries.” [Response to his 2005 Fragrance line, ‘Blue Star Men’]

Where Are They Now

(April 2003) Is working on 2nd English album, due fall 2003.

(September 2003) His new single from his 4th album will be “Addicted”. His 4th album is due out November 25th, 2003.

(October 2003) Is filming his [new] video “Addicted” in Los Angeles alongside The O.C.’s Misha Barton.

(January 2004) Released “Not In Love” from his album ‘Seven’

(January 2004) Plays an evil Roman emperor in a Pepsi ad with Pink, Beyonce Knowles and Britney Spears. The girls star as gladiators while singing to Queen hit “We will rock you”.

(March 2004) Is on tour in Australia.

(July 2004) Will not be releasing any more songs/singles from his album “Seven,” but is working on his next album.

(February 2005) In the studio working on his 3rd English album.

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