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Freshly Pressed…

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Click on the Links below to find out Who is making an appearance on The Male Celebrity…Beware, there may be some nudity. Enjoy.


M. Celebrity Mix 1 [Contains Nudity]


Paul Walker (The F&F]


Stephen Dorff [Blade]


Tom Hardy [Bronson]

New Arrivals…

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After a pretty lengthy absence from both “The Male Celebrity” and that of “The Female Celebrity” Blogs, we can confirm that there will be some fifty “New Arrival” Male Celebrities being posted onto the Blog over the next couple of weeks.

So, after the short break, what exactly did we get up to and what have we brought back? Well, here you will find our present “New Arrivals”, for which you may tale a good look at and give a Thumbs Up or leave a Comment, if you so do wish.

Throughout the pages you may notice the new Global Gateway to the World, which is the channel in which it is left up to your to make the choice on sharing or keeping these lucky Celebrities to yourself.

Again, we apologise for being so long in our return, but as we will be making up to you in the not so distant future we hope that you can forgive us. Thanks.


Adrien Greniere [Entourage]

Dean O’Gorman [Almighty Johnsons]

Emmett Skilton [Almighty Johnsons]

Jason Segal [How I Met Your Mother]

Jason Statham [Transporter]

Jet Li [The One]

Josh Holloway [Sawyer in Lost]

Matthew Davis [Vampire Diaries]

Michael Trevino [Vampire Diaries]

Neil Patrick Harris [How I Met Your Mother]

One For The Ladies…

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One 4 The Ladies

As The [MKDS] Network becomes ever increasingly larger (No pun intended), we Understand that there are people out there – especially the Ladies – who Comment on how The Network caters for the Men, and little concentration on what the Ladies want. So, teaming up with “Femme De La Creme”, who provides us with access to their Huge Picture Database, we enter a new Realm of “Equality”.

“The Male Celebrity”, introduces the Boys To Men Stars of the Hollywood screen, Television World, DVD Emporiums and, of course, the Paparazzi World of Media. Maybe not as much from The News of the World these days, but surely from most other Tabloid Presses across the Globe.

With favoured Actor’s from “The Vampire Diaries”, “Smallville”, “Chuck”, “Lost” for Television. Brad Pitt, Matt Damon, George Clooney (Yes, even George Clooney is an Icon), Steven Seagal, Richard Gere and Ewan McGregor for Movies. And a host of other Male Celebrities that we know all you Ladies out there will like to see, both on and off the camera.

So, without any further ado, sit back and relax, pull up your chairs and indulge yourself in The Male Celebrity Blog. Enjoy.